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Oracle's next-generation enterprise computing platform-Fusion-is being designed to enable incremental adoption of a powerful, flexible, service-oriented IT infrastructure without the disruption associated with a wholesale platform upgrade. This portfolio is built on powerful Fusion design principles, standardizing the priorities and practices of your enterprise computing strategy-saving you significant time and money.


Building a SOA means modeling business services in order to publish them and share them throughout the enterprise thus improving reusability. When you build the SOA you can use any programming language that you want. For example, you can use Oracle PL/SQL to share the services between Oracle Forms and your Java Web application. You can use the Application Module component of the ADF Business Components framework to implement your services like we did for another customer or you can mix both also if you prefer.

If you want to orchestrate these services together, you can use Oracle BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) to do so. By using Oracle BPEL you can combine these services together and add some branching conditions between them. With Oracle BPEL you can also load files (XML, CSV, TXT, etc.) and process their data using services. Oracle BPEL can call Web Services, Java classes, PL/SQL stored procedures, transform and modify data to and from database tables.

If you want to connect your existing systems and reuse your investment, you can use Oracle ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). By using ESB, you can exchange data easily between your applications like a Web application exchanging data between Siebel and eBusiness Suite like we did with another customer. In Oracle ESB, you can throw events (we call this Event Driven Architecture) & lot more…