Lenati is now PK

We continue to work across the customer life cycle, from acquisition to engagement to retention, building stronger customer connections.

Inside PK, we have a global footprint and unlimited scalability

For over a decade, Lenati helped growing fortune 100 companies develop innovative and disruptive customer experiences. Working across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement to retention, we enabled our clients to build stronger customer connections. Inside PK, our team has a global footprint that enables us to scale solutions across strategy, design, and development using cutting-edge technology to deliver high-value experiences.

  • Leaders in Loyalty

    Forrester Research ranked us in the top two firms for the strength of our current services in the 2019 Loyalty Service Providers Report. As a leader in loyalty innovation, we’re inventing the science behind behavioral and emotional loyalty, helping clients keep pace with shifting customer expectations.

  • Experience Experts

    We re-imagined the drive-thru customer experience for Starbucks, resulting in over $400 million in incremental revenue by taking the cafe experience outside. This digital evolution enabled mass price changes, unified SKU management, daypart offers, and streamlined menu management.

  • Strategists and Designers

    Bridge the gap between vision and outcomes with world-class strategy and design that elevates experiences to deliver results. Our clients routinely rely on us to design world-class experiences that differentiate and deliver.

Clay Walton-House

Any good strategist worth their salt begins defining a solution by identifying the variables that influence success—and with customer loyalty, the solution must always begin with a deep understanding of the customer as human beings.

Clay Walton-House

Managing Director, Integrated Loyalty Services

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Clay Walton-House

Managing Director, Integrated Loyalty Services

Retail and Consumer

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Subscription service fatigue? Try a digital engagement strategy

Nate Waters

Senior Consultant

Retail and Consumer

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Martin Mehalchin

Managing Director, Retail and Consumer

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