Yotabites is now PK

We continue to serve as big data ninjas, partnering with our clients to create tangible business results and quantifiable returns on investment.

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PK is the Experience Engineering Firm

Our end-to-end capabilities allow us to deliver bigger data solutions. From marketing and analytics, to cloud, edge computing, and e-commerce, we provide the big data know-how behind experience engineering. We are still the big data ninjas. Inside PK, we can now deliver our expertise at-scale and around the globe. 

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  • Leverage real-time analytics

    We integrate digital, analog, distributed, local, real-time, historical, in-the-cloud, and off-the-cloud data to provide real-time, relevant and accurate data visualization and metrics for effective decision making.

  • Increase revenue

    We uncover hidden stories in data that opens doors to new avenues of revenue, new ways to monetize, and new target markets.

  • Understand customers

    We turn low-resolution profiles into high-resolution understanding with machine learning models that can target prospects and customers based on their preferences.

Raj Nair

Joining PK allows us to continue solving some of the biggest problems in data, with the strength of a global IT services firm.

Raj Nair

Managing Partner

Mani Raman

It's really exciting because this partnership will allow us to help PK clients innovate and realize a measurable ROI with data.

Mani Raman

Managing Partner

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Intelligence and Analytics

Redefining Data Science and Machine Learning

Redefining Data Science and Machine Learning

Pablo Salvador Lopez

Data Scientist


real-world data

Healthcare isn’t ready for real-world data: How technology can help

Ham Pasupuleti

VP of Healthcare Solutions

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