PK helps our clients become a dynamic enterprise by delivering API architecture and practices that create focused outcomes. Our API Enablement approach, strategy and delivery programs ensure customer-centricity permeates your entire organization.

We are a world leader in API enablement, helping companies transform to and sustain API programs at scale. Our forward-thinking approach to APIs ensures they’re both secure and cloud-ready. We expand visibility into API security, rooting prevention in automation, and oversight, while our APIs and patterns function as the centerpieces of modern cloud architecture and successful application modernization initiatives.

Our approach ensures a dynamic enterprise can confidently execute daily micro-pivots and deliver new features in a flexible, measurable and secure environment.

PK Process

API Program

PK is a world leader at helping companies create, transform and sustain API programs at an enterprise scale. Our program engagements include consideration of standards, security, governance, delivery practices, communications, evangelization and the establishment of a center of enablement.

PK Security

API Security

PK is forward-thinking when it comes to API Security. We take a holistic approach to prevention, automation and oversight. Our security engagements include program foundations, evangelization, training, automation, oversight, auditing and certification.

PK Cloud

API Modernization

APIs and patterns for delivering modern cloud architecture are at the center of successful application modernization initiatives. PK is uniquely suited to help you create the right approach to achieve desired customer outcomes with the right technology at the right time with the right focus.

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