Why PK? As Google Apigee’s 2019 America’s Partner of the Year, our forward-thinking approach to API enterprise security revolves around a holistic methodology of prevention, automation and oversight. Through our work, the telecom:

  • Reduced the attack footprint by blocking 30 at-risk APIs.
  • Enhanced the response rate to anomaly traffic patterns.
  • Increased overall penetration testing and remediation.  
  • Eliminated API data leakages.

Most companies can’t afford to have an API data breach before they act. Fill out the form to find out which of your APIs are at risk and what steps you can take to protect your company’s data.

apigee partner of the year

“Several other companies that I considered wanted to jump right into our API platform buildout. We chose PK because they spoke about the strategy and the cultural shift first, which is exactly what we needed.”


– VP of Information Technology, Nutrien