Automation and Operations

We engineer outcome-driven efficiencies that bring quality, velocity and scale to operations.

The future belongs to the few organizations willing to invest in innovation. Behind the great experiences that make major brands iconic are the people, processes and technologies that get the job done. By modernizing your workforce, we help you achieve more.   


  • Intelligent Operations

    SecOps, AIOps, and the modern Runbook—next generation solutions need a new mindset. We make operations your competitive advantage.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Transform customer experience with bots built from advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, helping to achieve greater efficiency across your organization.

  • Test Automation

    We lay the groundwork for modern efficiencies in engineering by eliminating roadblocks to high-quality experiences through test data management, test automation, and service virtualization.

  • Infrastructure Modernization

    Evolve your legacy infrastructure and operations to meet the expectations of on-demand experiences. We help you utilize the cloud to better leverage data, automation and distributed technologies.

  • Cybersecurity

    In an integrated world, breaches can be catastrophic for both business operations and brand reputation. Our cybersecurity teams provide strategy, roadmaps, playbooks and operations support to keep customer data under lock and key.

  • Managed Operations

    We offer white glove service to support your environments as designed, while driving innovation in platform and process maturity, automation, observability, and cost effectiveness.

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How to avoid becoming the next bot failure statistic

Ram Sathia

VP of Intelligent Automation

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How to prevent new cyberthreats with continuous patching

Ryan Riggs

VP of Cloud Services


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Has DevOps lost its groove?

Raja Roy

VP of Technology

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Even with a superior product, brands that only rely on traditional loyalty programs can lose out to competitors who create a superior experience.

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Ram Sathia

Bots themselves must be operationalized in order to be effective – a step that many companies aren’t yet taking.

Ram Sathia

VP of Automation

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