PK Honored by PSBJ Washington's Best Workplaces!
POSTED : September 5, 2013
BY : Miz Nakajima

PK Honored by PSBJ Washington's Best Workplaces!Each year the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) honors the best places to work in Washington. They start by receiving company nominations from their readers, followed by employees taking an anonymous survey. The companies with the highest employee scores are then honored in their publication and at an event. My colleagues and I were very excited when we found out that PK was being honored as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces in 2013! To celebrate this achievement the PSBJ invited PK to attend a night of food and fun with other Puget Sound companies at Safeco Field on August 8th. The team spirit was high and we all looked forward to celebrating that unique culture that makes PK such a wonderful place to work. It’s a combination of working hard, supporting each other and having fun. We love to take some time to balance out the hard work that results in client customer loyalty with some tennis, trivia competitions, picnics or a happy hour. The event at Safeco field was right up our alley. It was a wonderful night as we had some ballpark food, enjoyed the evening sun in a great location and had conversations with our peers. Our resident spokesperson and HR Director Eric Smith announced our name joyously to the ballpark attendees and did an honorary walk around the bases, in synch with the rest of the PK employees jumping up out of their seats with cheerful shouts and smiles. The program that PBSJ created was top notch and allowed us the opportunity to see how other companies make their workplaces great. This was far from just a celebration of PK. This event was special because we had the opportunity to hear stories of what everyone else did to make their workplace better, to see the impassioned employees from across the Puget Sound and to learn from our peers, so we can continue to make our workplace even better. In the PK world I see that same joy and passion on my colleagues faces on a daily basis. Being a PK employee means a lot to each of us, because we know it is rare to find a workplace one is excited to be a part of. Not only are we lucky for that, but we are thankful to have that recognized by the region’s authority on local business and to be honored as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces in 2013!


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