T-Mobile and PK Present: Creating an Integrated Loyalty Strategy
POSTED : February 26, 2014
BY : Miz Nakajima

T-Mobile has been making waves in the wireless market by abandoning traditional tactics and rebranding as the “Uncarrier.” With this new rebranding and the introduction of other programs, T-Mobile is thinking outside the box in order to connect with their customers and drive behavioral and emotional loyalty. PK’s Clay Walton-House, Sr. Manager, and Marc Steiner, Principal, along with Gayle Bock, T-Mobile’s Director of Loyalty Marketing, will be presenting The Science Behind Creating an Integrated Loyalty Strategy at Loyalty Expo 2014 to explain how to weave diverse tactics into a truly integrated loyalty strategy. Using T-Mobile’s new initiatives as examples, this session will focus on helping marketers understand their customers’ behaviors and ultimately how to more effectively and authentically build true customer loyalty.

Get a sneak peek from Gayle in her Q&A with Loyalty 360.

For more information about this session, visit the Loyalty Expo website.

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