POSTED : November 11, 2014
BY : Miz Nakajima

Paul Conder’s workshop on “The CX Loyalty Connection” at the Engagement & Experience Expo in Dallas has sparked conversation regarding customer experience and customer loyalty:

“Larger companies, those ‘built for speed,’ like larger retailers, healthcare and travel brands, often have the most challenges integrating customer experience with loyalty, explained Conder, because CX and loyalty initiatives tend to be split and work siloed through various departments.

When brands do fuse customer experience and loyalty strategies, the results can be profound. Conder, citing Forrester results, said brands that integrate CX and loyalty see customers’ willingness to repurchase increase by 71% and their likelihood to move away from brand loyalty decreases by 41%. And just a 5% increase in customer experience can yield a 125% increase in profitability…”

How have you brought together customer experience and loyalty strategies?

Read the full interview here.

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