B2C Loyalty in a B2B World? Yes
POSTED : March 20, 2015

PK’s own Kris Klein and Clay Walton-House recently had the opportunity to contribute to a Forrester B2B Loyalty Marketing Report, B2B Loyalty, The B2C Way, published by Forrester analyst Emily Collins. In the article, Collins conveys the applicability of B2C marketing strategy in a B2B environment. All customers, whether business or consumer, want to feel good about the brands they associate themselves with and the companies with whom they do business. And they want to know that their business is appreciated.

One of the most important take-aways from the Forrester report is the notion that companies tend to focus more on acquisition and less on retention. It’s a bit like going to great lengths to land your dream job, then failing to show up on the first day. The first day is when the work really begins—and so it is when companies land that important new client.

Just as in B2C loyalty marketing, it’s crucial to map out the customer lifecycle in B2B. You need to understand what matters to your customers in the beginning and through each phase of their relationship with you. By meeting their needs along the way, you’ll show that they aren’t just another sale—and that will not only ensure they stick with you for the long haul, but they’ll recommend others take the journey with you, too.

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