Ease, Simplicity, and Speed: The New Loyalty Paradigm in the Palm of Our Hands
POSTED : April 25, 2015

PK’s Clay Walton-House recently published the second article in a year-long series with Loyalty360 focused on an integrated approach to loyalty strategies. His article, “Integrated Loyalty: The New Paradigms of Ease, Simplicity, Speed,” highlights the shifts that have occurred in consumer expectations leading to these new paradigms, as well as examples of companies who best meet these new expectations.

Clay identifies three key factors impacting the new consumer dynamic – lack of time, high expectations, and technology innovation (especially when it comes to mobile). As a society, we have become accustomed to having everything we want and need at our fingertips. Thanks to our hand-held devices, we’re plugged in to information, communication, and commerce 24/7. Having a debate with your son over whether a Brontosaurus is the same as an Apatosaurus? Just Google it. Hoping to reach your sister who lives on the other side of the world with a quick video call at 3am? FaceTime is ready to help. Want to squeeze in some shoe shopping before your morning workout? Nordstrom will take your order and ship it fast and free.

It goes without saying that the companies who best utilize technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer will be the winners over the long-haul. But consumer demand for ease, simplicity, and speed are here to stay – and those who most efficiently put this new paradigm in the palm of our hands will most definitely lead the pack.

To learn more about PK’s year-long series on an integrated approach to loyalty strategies, check out our first installment, “Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Customer Loyalty Strategies” on Loyalty360.

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