Connective DX: The Next Chapter
POSTED : April 5, 2015
BY : Jeff Cram

We often wonder how the last 18 years of growing our digital agency would have been different if we’d known what the road ahead entailed when we started ISITE Design. We’d like to think it would have unfolded in a similar way, as the journey has been truly epic—full of rewards, new relationships, unique challenges, and hard-earned lessons at every twist and turn.

As we approached nearly two decades in this rapidly changing digital world, we saw that the agency we had become—and the direction we are passionate in heading—had significantly evolved from our early days working out of a broom closet in Lake Oswego.

We decided it was time to plot the next chapter

We’re excited to announce that ISITE Design is becoming Connective DX, a digital agency focused on helping organizations embrace the power of digital, align around the customer, and take control of their future.

18 years of working in the digital space has taught us a lot. But the most important thing we’ve learned is that digital is not just one thing. Digital experiences are the result of many different things, coming together seamlessly at the same time. The defining characteristic of a successful digital organization is the ability to connect capabilities in new ways to create value for their customers and their business.

While the name is changing, Connective DX will continue to champion the vision and values that drove the success of ISITE Design. It’s still a home to the same humble, talented, smart people who have designed and built lasting platforms and delightful experiences. And we’re still dedicated to serving our clients at the intersection of marketing, technology and business.

The agency is still privately held and owned 100% by the two of us. Our executive team remains the same, as do our talented team members across our Portland and Boston offices. We remain relentlessly committed to delivering great work and outcomes to our clients around the world—partnerships that have spanned multiple years and decades.

So, what’s changing?

Our evolution to PK is in response to our changing role in helping organizations navigate the digital age. We’ve long moved past simply making websites, mobile applications, and campaigns. We believe today‘s digital experiences are more than marketing—they’re the essential connections between your business and your customers. This reality fundamentally changes the way organizations invest in capabilities, organize teams, and rely on external partners.

We saw an opportunity and need to adapt to become a type of partner that can not only help design and build great digital experiences, but also help organizations strive to own their digital future and create a more sustainable future. We believe that digital is different, but connection is everything.

We’re still very much in the making business, of course. The DX stands for Digital Experiences, and our team of designers, engineers, analysts, and project managers help clients plan and execute complex digital projects, implement content management systems, and test and optimize new experiences. Creating experiences people love has been in our DNA from the very beginning.

Building our future around the customer

This alignment around the customer is fundamental to the vision and direction of the company. We fiercely believe companies that are loved, win. It’s why we pour countless hours into organizing our annual Delight Conference. We’ve structured all of our capabilities and offerings to help organizations align around the customer, and design and build digital experiences that make a difference.

We’re excited to also expand beyond our existing strategy, design and technology capabilities to include our new Digital Enablement services. These offerings will help organizations better assess and improve key competencies required to thrive in the digital age.

We’ll be developing and sharing tools and frameworks to make digital work better for organizations, as well as helping to recruit and staff key roles. We believe this is not only a valuable differentiator for the agency, but more importantly, a business-critical need for our clients to move toward a more sustainable future.

The road ahead

It can be a scary leap to make a change like this. It’s personal, of course. Many people have poured their hearts and souls into making ISITE Design what it is today. We celebrate where we’ve been, and are pulling all of that goodness forward into the next chapter. We’re ridiculously excited about the journey ahead and the impact that Connective DX can have in our community, our craft, and our customers’ lives.

We’re so thankful for all of our friends, family, team members and clients who have been part of the journey over the past 18 years, and we can’t wait to see what the next two decades have in store.

Join us in raising a pint to both the past and the future.

Welcome to Connective DX.

About the Author

A picture of Jeff CramJeff Cram co-founded Connective DX which joined forces with PK in 2019 and currently serves as a Partner of PK and General Manager of the Boston office. He is responsible for helping to shape the Boston office’s strategic direction, partnerships and service delivery. Jeff is an active member of the digital community as a blogger for Fast Company and a frequent speaker at national events on topics including experience design, analytics, and content management.


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