POSTED : May 12, 2015
BY : Miz Nakajima

65 countries, 19,000 stores, 5,000,000 customers per day, and one seamless customer experience. Which company are we talking about? Starbucks, of course. Learn how Starbucks builds a better customer experience from PK’s Paul Conder at the BCAMA XM Event next week in Vancouver.

Paul will be talking about PK’s recent work with Starbucks, and how PK utilized customer journey mapping and big data to visualize customer patterns and improve the customer experience.

XM Topic: How Starbucks Builds A Better Customer Experience – In The Cafe, On Your Phone, And In Your Car.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use big data visualization techniques to find customer patterns
  • How to combine customer insights with sales and performance data to guide the design of an improved customer journey
  • Cost-effective methods of prototyping customer experience concepts
  • Predicting financial impact of a customer experience initiative

Interested in attending BCAMA’s XM2015? Register here.

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