Serialization 2.0 with Unicorn & Rainbow
POSTED : September 25, 2015

If you’ve worked with Sitecore in a team setting, you’ve probably experienced the pain of item serialization and merge conflicts. That’s the focus of my session at SUGCON NA next week in New Orleans, where I’ll be talking about how the latest version of Unicorn 3 and the Rainbow serialization engine can help reduce that pain.

The session will cover what Unicorn is and why you’d want it, demonstrate how to use Unicorn, and show some of the new features in Unicorn 3.

Sitecore development artifacts are both code and database items, such as rendering code and rendering items. As developers, we use serialization to write our database artifacts into source control along with our code so that we have a record of all our development artifacts. Unicorn is a tool to make it easy and fun to serialize items and share them across teams and deployed environments.

Unicorn 3 is fresh off the compiler and brings with it a huge raft of improvements. This version brings its own serialization format and filesystem hierarchy that are far more friendly to source control and merge conflicts than with the default Sitecore format. It’s also ridiculously fast—about 50% faster overall than Unicorn 2 or Sitecore serialization APIs.

In addition to Kam’s talk, Director of Technology Al Partridge is speaking on the need to reconfigure the way we plan and deliver Sitecore and CMS-driven projects. He’ll share practical insights and tools on how to plan, implement and optimize more connected, customer-centric Sitecore projects. Keep an eye out for Kam, Al and the rest of the PK Sitecore team.

The conference is sold out, so if you miss out, check back for slides and a recap in October.

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