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POSTED : November 29, 2016
BY : David Rosenstock

TAP, Trusted Analytics Platform is a flexible open-source software environment designed to optimize performance and security, accelerating the creation of cloud and on-premises applications. This assimilated cooperative platform simplifies analytics solution development and accelerates time to market.

PK Vice President Tipton Loo recently sat down with Babette Ten Haken, an industry-leading blogger and authority figure on competitive industrial Internet of Things business ecosystem to discuss the advantages of TAP and why it brings value to the entire enterprise. “TAP brings value not only to the data scientist. The platform increases speed and ease of collaboration with doctors, plant engineers and other teams throughout the enterprise. With the readily available machine learning algorithms, data scientists can quickly extract results and confirm with these experts (Haken, 2016).”

TAP assists system operators, data scientists and application developers in gathering large amounts of data from multiple sources and in incongruent formats. Through TAP, organizations are able to analyze large amounts of data and design analytic models with ease to make swift and accurate decisions. Experts are predicting that by 2020, there will be a 4,300% increase in the annual production of data and that only a fraction of the data that is collected and stored will be used.

The ongoing development of disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things creates a need for organizations to be able to integrate data into their applications, accelerating the time to market. Learn how a large clothing manufacturer turned to Intel’s TAP to address the challenges of misplaced items within their store locations.

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