Designing the right rewards program for your business
POSTED : January 5, 2018
BY : Clay Walton-House

Tradeoffs and techniques for effectively influencing customer behavior

Navigating the vast components of a rewards program is no easy undertaking for today’s Loyalty Marketer. As customers interact with your brand across a variety of channels, it’s imperative that marketers understand the interdependent nature of retention strategies, as this builds the foundation for an enhanced brand experience.

Designing the right rewards program for your businessDownload this 10-page whitepaper to learn:

  • Where to start – key considerations for development, implementation and execution of ROI-positive rewards program in today’s dynamic market place
  • How to assess three key retention strategies within each program and correlate those strategies back to business objectives
  • The financial and emotional tradeoffs between the 4 types of rewards programs
  • Why a rewards program model built with a ‘hybrid approach’ can help certain organizations increase their ability to influence customer behavior
  • Best practices from some of the most well-known brands and loyalty programs

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About the Author

Clay Walton-House serves as Managing Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at PK. He helps Fortune 500 companies create and implement new customer engagement strategies that accelerate growth and build loyalty. His expertise lies in understanding consumer behavior and translating it into actionable customer insights. Clay has a proven track record of successful loyalty program design and optimization, helping uncover ways to build retention and loyalty strategies into a company’s broader business model.

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