future of consumer loyalty
POSTED : February 13, 2019
BY : Clay Walton-House

Even with a superior product, brands that only rely on traditional consumer loyalty programs can lose to competitors who create a superior experience.

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Empowered by technology, the demands of the 21st-century consumer have drastically changed. The modern consumer expects brands to provide tailored products and services—how they want it, when, and where they want it—and they are willing and ready to switch to brands that best serve these demands. Fortunately, according to Forrester, “91% of retail customers who feel valued stay with the brand.”

The future of consumer loyalty

In this whitepaper, our Forrester recognized loyalty team shares their perspectives on:

  • The current state of consumer loyalty programs
  • The importance of tapping into behavioral and emotional loyalty
  • Three steps to building emotional loyalty
  • Leveraging technology to foster emotional loyalty
  • The ROI of emotional loyalty programs

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About the Author

Clay Walton-House serves as managing director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at PK. He helps Fortune 500 companies create and implement new customer engagement strategies that accelerate growth and build loyalty. His expertise lies in understanding consumer behavior and translating it into actionable customer insights. Clay has a proven track record of successful loyalty program design and optimization, helping uncover ways to build retention and loyalty strategies into a company’s broader business model.

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