What is Experience Engineering?
POSTED : December 13, 2019
BY : David Rosenstock

PK is the experience engineering firm. If you’re unfamiliar with our work, you’re probably asking yourself, “What is experience engineering?” More than a slogan, it’s our rocket fuel.

Sitting at the cross-section of design, outcomes, and enablement, experience engineering powers every facet of our business. From outcomes that create real value, to the human-centered design behind effective brands, to engineering marvels that push the envelope of what’s possible, great experiences require great execution. What makes us unique is our ability to bring together all these capabilities under one roof.

What is Experience Engineering?

What’s in an experience? We often think of products and services as driving our economy forward. But what differentiates a business from competitors are the experiences brought to life for customers, employees, and partners.

Our clients are leading that revolution. Vans no longer sells shoes; it promotes a skater lifestyle. One of the largest healthcare companies in the country, once a managed care providernow offers connected healthcare experiences. A major telecom becomes the un-carrier” dedicated to “100% customer commitment. Experience engineering is their story of digital transformation and customer-centricity. 

For VansPK created the Vans Family rewards program, delivering enriched personal experiences through exclusive rewards. We helped redefine the brand’s relationship with customers online and offline by enhancing the depth at which the retailer could get to know its customers. That and we helped Vans acquire 6.5 million members in the first year of the program.


We’ve helped one of the largest healthcare providers in the country continuously up-level their ability to deliver a great patient and provider experience. That’s meant re-shaping their IT and development processes. It’s also meant creating more useful and compelling patient experiences, whether through their flagship app or wearable tech or a self-service portal.  We help them set new standards for their patient/member experience. And it’s had a substantial impact: for example, in one case it helped their members access 32 million lab tests in one year.


When a major telecom decided to turn the wireless industry on its head, we were there to deliver cloud-based, scalable solutions and seamless customer experiences across web, mobile and in-store. By helping them continuously identify, test and execute, we’ve modernized their technical capabilities, IT infrastructure, technical delivery and customer experiences. That and the app we built engages 2.5 million users each week.

Why experience engineering?

The secret sauce behind our end-to-end solutions is our ability to harness cutting edge technology and deep craftsmanship to pioneer experiences grounded in human insights. But it’s the ingredients that make us different.  The world’s best-known brands choose to work with us time and again, because we understand what goes into unique customer experiences. Here’s how our approach comes into play in client engagements.

Digital transformation. Change is perhaps the only constant in our world today. Those companies that have tried and failed at digital transformation learned the hard way that technology is not actually the prize they’re competing forFor us, digital transformation is cultural transformationit’s about winning over the hearts and minds of your customers, employees, and partners.

Craftsmanship. When we say we combine great design and strong tech, we’re embracing a return to the origins of technology, rooted in Technein craft. It’s the craft of leading in your industry and of benefitting the people we work in service of. Those companies who choose to run the future will do so not out of sheer luck, but because they invested in their craft, iterating to perfection.  

Wow” momentsIt’s easy to go down the slippery slope of technological innovation as a goal in and of itself. AI, machine learning, bots, automation, these are frequently held up as ground shattering achievements – but they must be realized in smart, compelling and actionable ways to make a difference for enterprise organizations.  We are experts in turning innovation into moments that matter, because we understand that technology enables human experience, not the other way around.

Pioneering experiences. Authentic experiences that create bonds with your brand start with a human-centered approach. Engineered for trust and scale, our experiences are at the frontier of what’s possible. 

Customer-obsession. Our work touches billions of customers. It’s a sobering thought. So while we consider customer-obsession to be a badge of honor, it’s also a necessity. We demand customer-centricity in our work and our outlook. 

Cutting-edge. Pursuing knockoffs and outdated techniques translates into a second-rate existence. We push the limits of what’s possible through cutting-edge technology, because your customers, employees, and partners won’t accept anything less.     

At PK we understand with empathy how to help our clients attract and maintain their customers. We put the wow in their lives with the experiences we engineer. The future we collectively share: we design, build, and run it.

Learn more about engineering experiences with our e-book, “The art and science of customer experiences.”