API practice success
POSTED : March 11, 2020
BY : Chuck Thomas

The success of your API practice is tied to the usability of your API Developer Portal.

API developer portals have expanded beyond channels targeting technologists. They’ve become true marketplaces that showcase your brand, culture and products. Your marketplace will speak volumes about your company, and you need to be deliberate in shaping the message.

Many organizations suffer from an inability to quickly deliver new capabilities and customer experiences. It’s critical to ensure that the consumer experience is planned and implemented thoughtfully and carefully.

Time-to-first “Hello World”

We believe the most significant predictor of API program success is the degree to which you achieve API consumer independence. And one way we measure consumer independence is the amount of time it takes consumers to find, understand, requisition, test and begin using your production APIs: the time-to-first “Hello World.”API Developer Most consumers believe this should be accomplished in 5 minutes or less.

Since API developer portals are the primary mechanism for achieving the time-to-first “Hello World,” it’s critical that you clearly establish desired outcomes and frequently measure progress against them. Holding teams accountable to the desired consumer independence outcomes ensures that the foundational value proposition of your API program can be fully realized.

API developer portals are just like any other website. They have a purpose and should be measured to that purpose. To ensure repeatable processes, you need to define the KPIs, metrics and practices that structure the measurements of your desired outcomes.

We work with clients to identify and document the approaches and metrics that continuously improve their API product, so it can be independently consumed without interaction from API providers.

API developer portal information architecture

The content structure of your developer portal also plays a part in several aspects of your API program success. It can reinforce or undermine your brand, product and service messaging and is a direct enabler or impediment to achieving API consumer independence.

Part of our API practice includes working with clients’ API program leadership to identify their desired outcomes, KPIs, target markets, consumer needs and usage patterns. By crafting an API developer portal information architecture and establishing clear measures for driving API developer portal value, we help you preserve brand and product integrity.

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