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POSTED : May 6, 2020
BY : Heather Harris

I recently hosted PK’s workshop Getting Started with Spatial Analytics Using Alteryx. Along with members of my data science team, I took the audience through a geospatial analytics journey by walking through the basics of working with spatial objects.

To enrich your analysis in Alteryx, watch the full recording of the workshop below and to follow along with us, download the data packages here.

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About the presenter

“HeatherHeather Harris—author of “Citizen Gain: Citizen Data Scientist as the Catalyst for the Modern Analytics Strategy” and Analytics & Intelligence Practice Director for PK—leads data, analytics and AI experience engineering for some of the world’s most customer-obsessed companies. Heather ensures enterprise execution excellence for clients’ goals and strategic plans in data and analytics solutions—elevating data as a key organizational asset. Prior to her work in data science and analytics, Ms. Harris led emerging technology programs and deployments in the semiconductor industry.

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