PK and Microsoft on supercharging your sales analytics
POSTED : September 23, 2020
BY : Jared Dodson

What does a data-driven sales organization look like?

My recent webinar co-hosted with Christine Bell, Senior Director of Sales Insights at Microsoft, sought to answer that question. There has been a lot of innovation in the sales analytics practice over the last few years, and it has changed what it means to be a data-driven seller.

Christine and I walked through three real-world examples of how Microsoft is using analytics to empower their sales teams to make better decisions and beat the competition. We also touched upon some key building blocks of sales analytics, and how they can be leveraged to take selling to the next level.

Organizations with superior sales analytics practices have a few traits in common. They use insights and analytics in all phases to plan, execute and measure sales. Data also spans the customer lifecycle from pre- to post-sales, and the infrastructure supports sellers, sales managers and sales leaders to make the best business decisions.

Microsoft fits this description of a data-driven company. Though it has always been a data-first company, Microsoft has spent a lot of time and resources in recent years building a centralized insights team. For sellers, these insights have served as a guide on how to better plan and execute sales plays, as well as how to focus on accounts that will have the most impact on the business.

PK helped Microsoft to build a tool that helps sellers build the shortest path to their quota. The tool has three main views: how a seller should approach a territory, the right accounts for particular plays, and how to engage specific customers.

Watch the video below to learn the three main views of our tool, why they’re important to gain insights into your sales operations, and how you can implement a similar strategy for your organization.

Build the business case for sales enablement at your organization with some actionable tactics to get started.

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Jared DodsonJared Dodson serves as sales enablement practice lead at PK. He has deep expertise in customer acquisition with a focus on B2B marketing and sales, and his passion is helping companies leverage technology to create personalized and relevant customer engagements at scale. Working with Fortune companies—such as Adobe, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Johnson Controls—Jared has led large-scale initiatives focused on lead generation & management, account-based marketing, B2B & partner marketing, marketing technology, sales process, and sales enablement. Jared’s experience spans industries including high-tech, software, telecommunications, energy, and insurance.

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