POSTED : October 2, 2020
BY : Jeffrey Thompson

Building media digital experiences beyond the streaming platform

The media digital experience has been upended. Consumers are streaming more and longer, forcing a shift in how media and entertainment companies reach audiences.

The entire content value chain has had to be reevaluated. Content producers, marketers, distributors and technological platforms are adapting to these changes at breakneck speed, and the result has been a massive move to streaming across the industry.

To better understand these motivations, PK has conducted in-depth research with streaming audiences to uncover the changes in their viewing habits. The Media Digital Experience Index (MDX) surveyed over 700 consumers, combining their responses with design audit scores to determine how audiences are watching, what they’re watching and why.

The MDX ranks the performance of streaming video services, such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube TV, benchmarking best practices in the industry across core offerings, mobility, community and transmedia.

media digital experience index

In the report, we uncover insights into:

  • New ways consumers are interacting and engaging with video streaming services and content.
  • What consumers prioritize when deciding which services to subscribe to.
  • How top players are performing across the most important consumer experiences.

Download the full report to see the opportunities we’ve uncovered for streamers to strengthen their relationships with customers and reduce churn.

About the authors

Jeffrey Thompson Jeffrey L. Thompson is a media and technology executive who has participated in and led digital transformation initiatives from an operational, marketing and strategic point of view within the Media, Entertainment and Technology sectors with companies that include The Walt Disney Company, IBM, Conde Nast Entertainment Tata Consultancy and DXC Technology.

Colin O'NeillColin O’Neill serves as VP of experience design at PK. He embodies connected experience and expertise, bringing multiple disciplines together at the intersection of design, technology and business. A native of Dublin, Ireland, Colin has over 20 years of experience as a digital strategist, designer and creative director.

Timothy Sheehy is a creative change catalyst and digital innovator who brings more than two decades of leadership experience in the media and entertainment industry to his role as VP and client partner at PK. His clients include Viacom CBS, Disney, Warner Media, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment and other leading media and entertainment brands worldwide.

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