Webinar recap: MDX research on streaming services
POSTED : December 7, 2020
BY : Colin O'Neill

Each day seems to bring with it a new streaming service—HBO Max and Peacock both launched this year, and Discovery+ is slated to launch in early 2021, to name a few. As the competition for viewer attention heats up, who has the bigger content library won’t be a differentiator. Their focus will need to shift from free trials to the streaming experience and retaining the customers they already have, while also entertaining audiences through the channels and in the ways that create meaningful engagement.

Join our expert panel that includes Clay Walton-House, managing director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at PK, Jeffrey Thompson, client partner and VP, Timothy Sheehy, client partner and VP, Colin O’Neill, VP of Experience Design at PK and Rebecca Lucash, senior insights consultant at PK, as they discuss the findings of their recent Media Digital Experience Index research on which streaming services are outperforming the competition in digital engagement.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of:

  • Which streaming services are providing a stellar digital streaming experience and why.
  • How content personalization is failing and the ways it can be improved through analytics and greater human context.
  • Novel approaches to differentiation, such as cross-device engagement, community building and core offering enhancement.

To see the full results of our in-depth research into streaming services, download our Media Digital Experience Index.

About the participants

Colin O'NeillColin O’Neill serves as VP of Experience Design at PK. He embodies connected experience and expertise, bringing multiple disciplines together at the intersection of design, technology and business. Colin is inspired to help clients bring a customer-informed perspective deep into the systems and stories that define their business.

Rebecca Lucash is a senior insights consultant at PK specializing in research and insights-driven strategy. She is passionate about customer-centric marketing—learning what drives customer behavior and leveraging those insights to create value and more meaningful experiences. Prior to joining PK, Rebecca worked in the consumer-packaged goods and publishing industries.