Innovation interviews: Low code/no code
POSTED : January 6, 2021
BY : Lou Powell

One way to achieve true innovation within the enterprise: empowering citizen developers to easily develop applications without relying on the traditional development model. This ability is not only possible but is actually growing within organizations large and small.

I recently spoke with my colleague Raja Roy, vice president of technology at PK, about the emerging trend of what I like to call “LOCO NOCO” or low-code/no-code platforms. Raja walked us through the basic philosophy behind LOCO NOCO, how we are commonly seeing it deployed throughout the enterprise, and how he sees governance and monitoring playing a role in implementation. He also illustrated some of LOCO NOCO’s limitations. Watch the video below to find out what those are.

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About the experts

A picture of Lou PowellLou Powell brings a steadfast drive for innovation to his role as partner at PK, a Google Apigee agency that was awarded a 2019 Apigee Partner of the Year distinction. At PK, he works closely with businesses to create pioneering experiences and accelerate outcomes, unlocking greater value and market leadership. He worked in advertising and digital marketing before launching his own business, Vanick Digital, which he led for 19 years before acquisition by PK. Lou is a lifelong student of technology pattern adoption and the practices of tech natives, and he brings a design-thinking approach to technology in all of his work.

Raja RoyRaja Roy is vice president of technology at PK. He is responsible for driving the overall technology initiative, strategy, and innovation for PK. Raja has nearly 20 years of experience leading technology strategy, initiatives and innovation for Fortune 500 brands. His thought leadership has appeared in TechHQ and The Enterprisers Project.

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