The future of video streaming
POSTED : June 28, 2021
BY : Rebecca Lucash

Disney+, Paramount+, Discovery+, Apple TV+—each day it seems as though a new industry leader is adding a “+” to their offerings and joining the ranks of video streaming platforms. Technology and media are colliding in real-time with consequences that will be felt for a generation.

With the rapid shift to at-home viewing and online content, how consumers want to engage with brands is also evolving. To win the hearts and minds of fans in a digital world requires different strategies and tools. As the media and entertainment industry grapples with this new reality, most need to look beyond their content library and innovate on the viewing experience.

PK’s Media Digital Experience Index (MDX) combines survey work and design audit scores to uncover the ways people are streaming today. We’ve distilled the findings into an infographic that details who’s winning the streaming wars and what consumers want in a streaming experience. Discover the future of video streaming platforms.

Learn more about the future of video streaming by downloading the full Media Digital Experience Index research report.

About the authors

Rebecca LucashRebecca Lucash is a senior insights consultant at PK specializing in research and insights-driven strategy. She is passionate about customer-centric marketing—learning what drives customer behavior and leveraging those insights to create value and more meaningful experiences. Prior to joining PK, Rebecca worked in the consumer-packaged goods and publishing industries.

Deb DulinDeb Dulin is a visual designer at PK. She enjoys translating complex ideas through visual storytelling. Her work includes creating brand and digital experiences in technology, healthcare, finance and retail.