Implementing IoT sustainability measures for better business results
POSTED : July 21, 2021
BY : Shawn Ennis

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and this is especially true for implementing IoT sustainability initiatives to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

Currently, investors and stakeholders are demanding measurable outcomes and economic benefits from ESG initiatives. Environmental benefits, in the form of energy savings, can return both carbon reduction and energy cost reduction. But achieving large savings, and doing so quickly, is hard to do. In addition, not a lot of people are aware of IoT’s role in accelerating sustainability initiatives, and that implementation is actually economically achievable.

In my latest webinar, I moderated a panel including representatives from Optio3 and Carbon Lighthouse. We discussed how businesses can transition toward measurable sustainability quickly and easily using IoT Edge technology.

If you missed the webinar, or would like to experience it again, watch the video below.

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About the Author
Shawn EnnisShawn Ennis serves as Director of PK’s Edge Center of Excellence, covering everything from Private 5G to IoT and Edge-native application solutions. He is an innovative career technologist with over 25 years’ experience developing company strategies, driving bottom-line, and delivering solutions that delight customers. He has grown a software company horizontally and vertically and is the founder of successful technology startups showcasing the ability to develop solutions that change the industry. Shawn is committed to delivering coherent platforms with a wide range of technical domain expertise and business sense.

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