Developing a human-centric approach to loyalty
POSTED : September 22, 2021
BY : Jodi Rausch

I recently joined my colleague, PK Associate Design Director Hannah Sherwood, on Cheetah Digital’s Uncaged Wisdom podcast to discuss PK’s human-centric approach to loyalty. In the podcast, we chatted with host Julian Bracey Davis about strategies to appropriately use data to improve customer experiences and how organizations can bring brand value to life between customer transactions.

Listen to the podcast below to learn more about the nuts and bolts of human-centric loyalty, including strategies to help clients think about the members’ perspective, using data to provide great customer experiences, and why brands should consider leveraging a connected membership model.

Discover new ways to take a human-centric approach to loyalty through PK and Cheetah Digital’s whitepaper, The Ultimate Retail Digital Experience Playbook.