Author: PK

Defining a culture of software engineering quality

This series of articles is intended to explore how an organization can promulgate a ‘Culture of Quality’ in software engineering. While I will try to explore this topic in... Read more

Building software engineering quality by starting at the source

Contemporary approaches to source management extend beyond the warehousing and versioning of code. This article argues for viewing Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and even Continuous Quality as... Read more

Healthcare you wear: Innovations worth getting excited about

At PK we spend a lot of time thinking about healthcare. In particular, we might be regarded as slightly obsessed with improving the digital patient experience, which is why it... Read more

Public utilities: Making the case for a mobile app

In the business of delivering energy to the public, it’s attractive to forgo the latest technological fads and focus on what matters: Delivering world-class service while being a responsible... Read more

Urgent care marketing: Is convenience everything?

When it comes to urgent care marketing, one might be tempted to believe it’s sufficient to show up on Google maps and call it a day. After all, who... Read more

The beginner’s guide to Salesforce reports and dashboards

This guide will teach you all about the basics of Salesforce reports and dashboards. Whether you just licensed the platform, are stepping into a new role involving Salesforce, or... Read more

Transforming the customer experience with Pardot marketing automation

Target the right buyers at the right time and leverage the full capabilities of Pardot! Connecting Pardot marketing automation with Salesforce enhances the customer experience from click to close.... Read more

The ultimate software requirements checklist

The importance of a well-defined project scope cannot be understated. In every requirements gathering session, a general rule of thumb is to always make sure the who, what, when,... Read more

The ultimate guide to Salesforce for the marketing trailblazer

Today’s buyer behaviors have shifted dramatically. Today’s buyer behaviors have shifted dramatically. Marketing is more in charge of the sales process than ever. But many of us aren’t prepared... Read more

Customer-centric resolutions to jump-start your new year

As we head into the new year, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite ways in which you can better meet the needs of your customers.... Read more