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Adobe is committed to changing the world through digital experiences. Its Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud and Document Cloud solutions help businesses create amazing content, harness the power of data and accelerate business processes so they can design and deliver experiences customers will love.


Following a series of acquisitions and amid a rapidly changing marketing technology landscape, Adobe wanted to better understand the market and the value it brings to its customers. With three enterprise cloud solutions—Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise and Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise—Adobe’s 1,300 sales reps were reaching out to a wide variety of decision-makers looking to solve different challenges. Adobe wanted to create better experiences for its customers across all of their digital experiences and arm sales team with the insights needed to better understand who their customers are, what their needs and challenges are and how they use Adobe’s products.


Adobe partnered with PK to create better experiences for customers along the moments that matter across all three business clouds. PK and Adobe worked together on multiple projects focused on the customer experience: audience personas, sales enablement, marketing content, go-to-market strategy and analytics.


PK began by consolidating and developing a strategic framework for all of its personas across its different customer types. As part of this, PK conducted in-depth interviews of audience members and developed data-based personas to aid across marketing strategy and planning, content development, campaign strategy, database mapping, demand generation and sales enablement.

To enable sales teams, PK created tools and trainings to attract users throughout the many stages of the sales cycle, improving sellers’ customer focus and ability to gain credibility quickly with customers. This included development of a tool for use in the early sales cycle in addition to providing training on the CIO and IT decision-maker mindsets. A lead management process and governance model, as well as lead scoring, helped streamline the lead flow from demand gen all the way through sales opportunities.

PK then developed customer-facing thought leadership content leveraging the unique insights identified through PK’s primary and secondary research to increase engagement in demand generation and outreach programs.

dashboardPK also partnered with Adobe to conduct workshops and interviews with internal stakeholders and customers in key verticals and define Adobe’s end-to-end marketing programs, capabilities and the resources needed to improve enterprise customer experience and accelerate growth goals. Finally, PK designed a dashboard that allows marketers and strategists to view their campaign health at a variety of granularities, enabling them to monitor engagement and spot opportunities or problems. ​


As a result of the partnership with PK, Adobe was able to modernize and optimize digital experiences across its sales funnel, increasing the effectiveness of all customer touchpoints. Through in-depth research and interviews, PK developed more than 500 audience insights used to inform Adobe’s marketing and sales efforts​. It helped Adobe develop a persona framework tool accessed by more than 1,300 sales representatives and a field-facing tool leveraged by more than 3,000 customer-facing roles. Together, the projects enabled Adobe to grow sales more quickly and improve KPIs from the top of the sales funnel all the way down to the bottom, contributing to the rise of Adobe as a leader in enterprise cloud solutions.

As Adobe continues to innovate in how it helps enterprises use Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud and Document Cloud to tackle today’s digital challenges, its plans for the future center on enabling collaboration, leveraging the latest advances in martech and tech infrastructure, and improving ways to generate customer insights across the organization. In doing so, it will be positioned on the bleeding edge of digital customer experiences.

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