Athletic retailer improves data visualization
INDUSTRY : Retail and Consumer


A top global athletic and lifestyle retailer, with 1.1 billion products sold per year, needed better data visualization in order to ensure that insights from those sales and investments are easily digested by decision-makers.


With so many sales metrics for their teams to track, the company uses a suite of dashboards for product sell-out across multiple reporting dimensions, end-to-end performance planning, sales finance and executive-level business reviews. The company already had multidimensional sell-out dashboards in Tableau, but their performance had slowed down over time to over 20 seconds for each click on, or filter to, the dashboard, causing frustration to the end-user and inhibiting report adoption. Further complicating the user experience, each dashboard within the sell-out suite had its own look and feel. PK needed to update the dashboards to increase functionality and redesign them to align with the company’s branding.

In addition to the sell-out performance dashboards, the company used dashboards for end-to-end planning, forecasting and business reviews. Individual teams had their own dashboards, but they needed reporting functionality to be consolidated into one dashboard.


To solve the performance issues of the sell-out dashboard, PK rebuilt the data structure and optimized the SQL query at the source level of Tableau, reducing the 20-second average refresh rate of the dashboard to under five seconds and improving overall performance by 75 percent.

PK also brought together the company’s end-to-end planning dashboards to create a number of reports, including a complex development of Tableau visuals that get automatically refreshed and produced for business review. For the first time, short- and long-term plans by different teams could be piped into the data stream and visualized in a highly functional and branded dashboard, which included top-level metrics as well as waterfall charts, filters and drilldowns.

The data visualization dashboards were created with a high emphasis on visual design and incorporated the company’s brand elements and guidelines. For the final delivery, a branded landing page was developed to add another level of visual appeal while bringing valuable metrics from each dashboard into one space. This created an appealing reporting suite that employees wanted to look at while delivering valuable insights at a glance.

PK’s work has allowed the athletic retailer’s key decision-makers to get all the sales and planning information they need in one visually appealing, easy-to-use platform, and help them deliver their innovative products to their worldwide market.

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