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Customers at a large international telecommunications company depend on multiple applications within its digital service offering to purchase new phones at retail locations, manage their accounts and request customer service. These applications are key to ensuring a streamlined and effective customer service experience for millions of users.


Testing this interdependent ecosystem of applications is key to ensuring complete functionality across the company’s retail offerings, digital portal and customer service platform. Testing was being conducted manually, a time-consuming process that required a large team to complete. This reduced the amount and depth of testing that could take place and prevented the company from guaranteeing customer access to the full functionality of the applications. Due to the complexity involved, the company had difficulty responding to both scheduled and event-driven testing. Analysis of the data produced from the tests was not available, leaving leadership in the dark about what needed to be improved.


The telco had partnered with several companies that tried and failed to solve end-to-end API automation for the telco, but PK’s solution took a broad approach that focused on the key business scenarios enabled by the applications. PK created a solution that lowers barriers to automation without requiring as many staff with programming skills. The solution, which reduced testing time from eight hours to 20 minutes, is designed to automate testing multiple interdependent applications and test not only whether a task is executed but also how applications interact.

With a self-updating automation pipeline now in place, the telco can begin testing behind the scenes and work ahead on user interface automation, which was previously finished last. The testing can also be analyzed, which provides the telco a flexible, data-driven framework that can be easily maintained. The telco’s leaders now have insight into the performance of the tests being executed.

PK’s solution allows the team to rapidly adjust to environment and test planning changes. With complete end-to-end API automation, the telco has seen significant cost savings on costs and has been able to free up resources formerly dedicated to testing to work on other projects. It is also able to ensure greater reliability for its customer service applications, providing a better experience for its customers.

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