Building eSIM technology for Charter
CLIENT : Charter
INDUSTRY : Telecom and Media


Charter Communications is one of the largest telecom companies in the US, serving more than 25 million customers in 41 states. Spectrum Mobile, its cellular service offering, is currently the fastest-growing mobile provider in the country. To meet the needs of its growing customer base, Spectrum must ensure that connectivity is always reliable and fast. 


Adoption of eSIM technology has been steadily growing in recent years and will allow mobile device owners to switch carriers by simply tapping a button. It is likely that consumers will soon be able to quickly and easily change carriers, based on quality of service and cost, without having to buy a new device or even swap out a SIM card.

Charter has been in the process of building the capability for devices to rank the best networks in the vicinity and then automatically switch to the strongest one, through a machine learning-enabled solution. This solution will allow devices with eSIM technology to concurrently run their own networks and MVNOs, bypassing the need to lease expensive seconds of service from an MNO.


PK’s solution programs eSIMs using SSO to activate a data-only network on devices, which allows the devices to switch to Wi-Fi. PK guided the technical implementation and business direction for the project. As a result, Charter is able to save per gig of data used on their Wi-Fi network, as opposed to leasing seconds of service from an MNO.

The solution also provides Charter with the opportunity to build out their own wireless network using CBRS spectrum, and drive traffic onto it through eSIM technology. This would remove Charter’s dependency on an MNO for connectivity and give customers more choice in selecting a carrier. With this solution, devices will be able to determine the best network to use in a given situation and switching to it automatically.

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