Major American franchisor achieves distributed franchise control
INDUSTRY : Retail and Consumer


The client operates automotive service centers in 13 countries, including nearly 1,300 in North America.


With over 1,300 individual franchisees, the client needed a way for each franchise to customize their own website to their own needs while ensuring that the overall feel to the digital experience remained true to the brand. They also wanted to make sure that essential information about the company was easy for the customer to access, and that the franchisees could easily and intuitively measure each website’s performance over time to ensure that business goals were met. The client partnered with PK to develop a shop administration tool that could be utilized across franchises quickly and easily.


PK developed a portal for franchisees to be used in coordination with their corporate website. The shop administration tool also includes sales data sourced from the corporation to provide current business analytics for better offers and services decisions, as well as automatic feeds to Google Places, Bing Local search, and Facebook Pages and Places for individual shop accounts.

Franchisees are now able to customize their individual websites, allowing for customers to access content and information that is most relevant to them. Through intuitive forms, a WYSIWYG web-coupon creation tool and online appointment manager, the individual franchises operate independently of, yet still benefit from, the corporate website. In addition, customers can now access the website on all devices due to its mobile-first responsive design, full optimization and accessibility compliance, and they also have the option of shopping through native iOS and Android apps.

The redesign has also made it much easier for the client to monitor conversion opportunities on each page, allowing franchisees a simple and intuitive way to grow their individual businesses. PK and the client won Horizon Media Silver awards for the iOS app in 2014, for the website in 2015, and for explainer videos they developed together in 2018.

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