Innovative app delivers OTC medication info based on symptoms
INDUSTRY : Healthcare


MedifVU is a specialized advanced healthcare analytics company. Using patent-pending algorithms the company has designed mobile apps to assist consumers and medical professionals decide on treatment options using personalized healthcare intelligence.

In addition, their apps allow pharmaceutical and insurance companies to evaluate true clinical and commercial medicine differentiation.


MedifVU wanted a mobile app and backend that could serve as a stand-alone solution or integrate into a larger mobile solution, such as that of a pharmacy or healthcare system.

The solution needed to integrate with third-party Structured Product Labeling (SPL) services in order to provide the most up-to-date information about OTC medications; allow users to store their symptoms and medications and pick from a list of medications based on category; and provide a familiar scoring system to enable users to select the best OTC medication. The focus for the first phase of the app would be on cough, cold and flu medications with information for more than 200 drugs.


To address these needs, MedifVU engaged with PK and leveraged its expertise in the healthcare industry and in mobile service offerings including strategy, solution architecture, user experience and user interface design. The team began with a discovery phase, during which it defined a set of user stories, user profiles and personas, wireframes and visual design comps in addition to a solution architecture and a sprint plan. PK deployed an Agile development delivery model, with daily scrum meetings and weekly status reports to the client, and incorporated extensive testing of the iPharmAssist app. The app was built upon a MySQL database and includes service layers that can pull from any data source without the need for modification.

The end result was an app with an intuitive, engaging user interface that can be easily extended as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a larger mobile device providing its users with highly customized information for choosing the right OTC medication for their cough, cold and flu symptoms.

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