Transitioning to a cloud computing environment


A major provider in the insurance industry that focuses on providing customized service and care.


From compliance adherence to customer acquisition and retention, insurers face the challenge of providing quality service while keeping costs low. PK assisted the client in transitioning from a WebSphere infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, aiding in cost reduction, improving customer service functions, and gaining compliance with global insurance IT standards.


Drawing from extensive experience in the insurance industry, PK developed a cloud computing environment that would align with the client’s needs while providing the performance and compliance with global IT standards necessary to be a key player in the industry. Cloud computing allows for expansion and centralization of IT capabilities, ensuring company-wide alignment with compliance regulatory policies. PK developed a customized hybrid cloud environment for the client, providing infrastructure and auto-scaling capabilities for a geographically dispersed user base.

Deployments were customized with security and zoning settings, allowing for control over access to sensitive information. PK focused on developing a secure cloud-based system that would provide maximum user accessibility, offering failover, data encryption, edge-based services to ensure security, and disaster protection.

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