Leading Telecom Social Media Strategy Gains $14 Million in Revenue
INDUSTRY : Telecom and Media


This leading telecom company strives to stand apart and commit to their customers. With LTE Advanced technology in over 15,000 cities across the United States, they are at the forefront of innovation and what’s next.


As part of its un-carrier re-branding, we helped the telecom transition from a set of loosely connected social media efforts into a cohesive strategy designed to reduce churn, drive acquisition, and save money.


We defined the telecom’s social customer journey in the context of current and future states, and subsequently developed a comprehensive strategy for driving retention, engagement and customer service through social media programs.

Key elements included driving more customers to engage with brand social channels, intercepting detractors, and leveraging highly engaged promoters to become brand ambassadors and evangelists.

As a result, their social media strategy has generated $14 million of added revenue just in year one.

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