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On a five-year plan to transform and turn around their company, this telecom puts the customer at the center of their plans. The telecom had deployed an array of bots across the organization to achieve faster delivery of their services and provide a better experience for their customers. But a gap in RPA monitoring left their bots at risk of failure.


While RPA was a cornerstone initiative for the telecom, with broad hopes to achieve a more efficient workforce focused on higher value effort, the returns on their initial investment left much to be desired. As 30-50 percent of early RPA projects fail, the telecom was at risk of becoming another bot failure statistic.

Past RPA projects were stuck in UAT and rework, while successful bot implementations remained underutilized. The telecom needed to change course. They engaged PK to create automated bots with shorter cycle times, as well as operationalized bots complete with detailed RPA monitoring and tracing.


PK’s RPA experts implemented Bot Reliability Engineering practices. The new approach resulted in the immediate implementation of 50 bots using Automation Anywhere. In addition to launching new bots using best practices, PK also set up a proprietary dashboard known as Botscope to trace, alert and proactively report bot failures.

By enhancing the skillsets of a remote and lean Bot Monitoring team that included Bot Operators, Bot Moderators, and Bot Trainers, PK gave the telecom the tools to own their RPA journey for the long-run.

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