Heroku App
CLIENT : Becker Media
INDUSTRY : Telecom and Media


Becker Media provides marketing and advertising services for colleges and universities. They help their customers attract new students to their academic programs. Many of their campaigns rely on digital channels to reach prospective students. Once students engage, Becker Media shares their contact information with the school of interest.


The Becker Media team wanted to make it easier for their clients to access leads (prospective students) and to improve schools’ processes for following up.

Bill Buchanan, chief operating officer at Becker Media, had a vision for a web portal that would allow his clients to log in and view students’ information, download lists and disqualify leads.


The certified Salesforce practice at PK worked with the Becker Media team to select the most cost-effective development platform for the project. A Heroku app emerged as the strongest option. Heroku’s prebuilt components reduced the scope of the development effort. Heroku Connect made it possible for Becker Media’s customers to integrate the app with their marketing automation systems. All phases of the project, development, testing, and deployment, were executed in Heroku, eliminating the need for additional software.

In developing the portal, PK built-in rules that would qualify students based on factors like location and program interest. The rules would automatically filter students who did not meet the specific criteria set by each college. PK also added functionality that would send clients email notifications when new prospective students engaged with their marketing campaigns.

The app was designed to be independently managed by the Becker Media team at the project’s end. They received training on provisioning new clients, configuring the criteria for qualifying students, and removing customers’ accounts when they no longer required access.

The web app has allowed the colleges that work with Becker Media to be timelier and more efficient when following up with prospective students. They’re able to receive notifications in real-time. The lead qualification rules automatically filter out students who are not a strong fit for their programs.

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