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CLIENT : Microsoft


Microsoft is a technology powerhouse, enabling digital transformation and empowering organizations and people to achieve more. Its staying power has been a testament to its continual reinvention of both brand and offerings. Since 2005, we’ve helped Microsoft demonstrate its market leadership to end consumers, developers, partners and business customers through innovative digital tools and strategic advisory services.


Inefficiencies in Microsoft’s social marketing and client community were creating blind spots in the customer journey. This included fragmented execution, redundancy, inconsistent tools and metrics, which were a drag on both its image with target demographics, as well as its 360-degree view of the customer.

We led a multi-pronged effort that involved the development of a global program to revamp their social strategy and delivery, as well as enhancements to the big data generated by their Tech Community, an online platform for IT pros and developers. The interventions were grounded in both the client’s business objectives and in their customer journey—clarifying the roles and responsibilities for the global team while rationalizing Microsoft’s local social presence across international markets. It also included an in-depth execution guide for setting up auditing, measurement, governance, resourcing, content, and execution. The data is now served via Power BI and allows users to generate rich insights from an abundant, client-owned community data pool.


The end results were more efficient systems for Microsoft, a more consistent customer experience from market to market and a framework for localizing content and messaging. PK leveraged our expertise in both front-end data visualization and insights, as well as backend data architecting methodologies to deliver daily updates and real-time intelligence to its end users.

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