INDUSTRY : Retail and Consumer


A leading action sports footwear, apparel and accessories company with roots in the skate and streetwear scene needed to engage its customers through an innovative, digitally-led membership program. The company’s deep understanding of their own culture and history provided a platform to launch their loyalty program.


PK partnered with the footwear company to create a new type of loyalty program that would break the mold of the traditional model and activate previously unknown brand loyalists and advocatesObjectives for the engagement included improved understanding of their customers as individuals through a personal and conversational mobile app and mobile web experience. Based on the premise that everyone has a story to tell, we designed for inclusivity and social amplification.  

PK pinpointed the opportunity and platforms, developed customer insights, crafted the loyalty vision and brought the program to life in-store and online. In doing so, PK was able to create enriched personal experiences through exclusive rewardsredefine the brand’s relationship with customers online and offline and enhance the depth at which the retailer could get to know its customers. 


Designed to enable macro targeting by interest and build towards 1:1 relationships, the loyalty program generated sizable and immediate engagement from the company’s highest value customers. After one month, the company saw a significant lift in their email capture rate while 1/3rd of all its members downloaded the loyalty app. Within the first half year, more than 3 million new members had joined.