phone buying
CLIENT : Sprint
INDUSTRY : Telecom and Media


The telecommunications leader, Sprint, is driven by its belief that mobile connectivity is the most powerful enabler of progress in the world today. The company, which is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative mobile technologies, also has thousands of retail stores across the country.


The process of phone buying involved five internal software systems and more than 45 steps in the buying process alone. Sprint wanted to develop a mobile-friendly app for its sales associates to simplify choices and make the buying experience faster and more enjoyable for customers. The company turned to PK for analysis, guidance and recommendations.


PK worked with Sprint to develop a user-centric app that streamlines the sales process. Its task-focused user interface guides sales associates while allowing them to add, view and edit customer information, as well as activate phones and leverage a multifaceted help section. It combines separate systems into one while still using legacy systems, and it reduces redundancies in how customer data is gathered and collected—employees can quickly populate important customer information screens by scanning ID cards, for example. With an improved user interface and simplified sales process, the solution is helping Sprint provide a better user experience for customers and employees alike.

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