An industry-leading provider of online marketing solutions, the client is known for developing and implementing effective customer-centric email services. 


Online marketing agencies are expected to provide innovative solutions that work, making QA and sophisticated technology a crucial part of developing new e-marketing solutions. The client was experiencing maintenance challenges with their deliverables and was looking for a mechanism to provide faster quality feedback in order to troubleshoot and quickly deal with issues.  The client also sought to reduce the manual effort required to do regression and basic application testing, which would free up their team for other projects and increase productivity.  


PK delivered a customized automated QA system using various open source test tools to ensure cost efficiency.  Through documenting business needs, test scenarios, and a maintenance plan, PK planned the initial blueprint of the QA automation system.  An open source test management tool was used for documenting test scripts and also used to record and run test cases against various models that were deployed during the testing phases.

PK helped the client develop applications with new features in short iteration release cycles.  Automation of the client’s QA system helped provide the development team and stakeholders with faster feedback, improving the quality of overall deliverables and considerably reducing turnaround time.