Utility giant empowers HR teams with intuitive automated testing
CLIENT : Sempra


Sempra Energy’s network of public utilities and energy infrastructure companies span Southern California, Mexico, Chile and Peru. About 32 million customers rely on the Fortune 500 company for electric and natural gas worldwide. With 16,000 employees, the company is committed to celebrating people and their unique perspectives.


With many employees working across its six subsidiaries, ensuring effective, error-free execution of all HR software is critically important for the company.   An issue with execution could cause problems for benefits, payroll and other important factors for thousands of employees. So when the company was replacing several modules of its HR management platform, including payroll, recruiting, HR, compensation and benefits, with a cloud-based solution, the company wanted to ensure that the launch went smoothly. Leaders were concerned about having sufficient test coverage and avoiding the risk of errors in their employees’ paychecks and benefits. Historically, the energy provider’s HR managers tested new releases and updates, and although they knew the system best, and how changes would affect employees, they weren’t software testers by trade or training and had limited technical knowledge. Sempra turned to PK for help.


PK’s solution paired education and technology to ensure a smooth deployment. To empower the company’s HR team, PK developed a customized training program and educated team members about testing strategy, how to create test cases and how to execute user acceptance testing. The team learned how to organize tests to cover all the business outcomes required. Importantly, PK also taught the HR team how to communicate with other groups within the company to acquire the data and support they needed.

PK also created a solution that allowed the HR team to write test cases in plain English—no coding required. Through automated testing, PK was able to reduce the amount of time it takes to run tests and decrease post-deployment errors. By pairing the HR team’s behavior-driven scenarios with Java code that automatically converts them into ready-to-execute test cases, the HR team can test the full functionality of their department’s software platforms without needing IT resources. This puts the power of automated testing into the hands of expert HR practitioners, who can more rapidly determine the best next steps, and has freed the HR resources to focus on what they do best—taking care of its people.

Learn how you can leverage AI and Machine Learning to manage test data that can drive your test automation practice.

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