CLIENT : Cooper Tires


Varying pay rates, incentive policies and overtime earnings paired with manual, time-intensive tasks make payroll no simple business function. With manufacturing facilities in multiple locations, Cooper Tire, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the U.S., was challenged by the need to ensure accurate, timely paychecks and compliance with payroll tax and record-keeping regulations.


The manufacturer’s existing system required hundreds of hours of time each week from its payroll teams, which processed, validated and verified payroll using several disconnected legacy systems and spreadsheets. With a function that affected so many employees, the company couldn’t afford to have anything go wrong.

With no solution in the industry able to handle the complexity of its payroll processes, the tire company turned to PK, with which it had been partnering for several years to develop a variety of business applications, for help.


The PK team started with a common-sense approach — analyzing why each previous attempt to build a solution had failed, and where it had gotten it right — then embedded a team of business analysts in the factories’ payroll departments to study systems, define requirements and understand payroll complexity.

Instead of approaching the solution as one large project, PK took an agile approach that broke the project into smaller pieces, or iterations. The team first developed the screens for the payroll department to enter timecards, then set about determining how to use the data captured in the system to calculate the gross earnings. Along the way, PK made small changes based on feedback from the manufacturer’s payroll and HR teams. At the end of the 18-month engagement, the tire manufacturer is ready to take advantage of an accurate, fully automated payroll system that would save its teams hundreds of hours of labor each week.

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