Medical technologies leader integrates data security
CLIENT : Terumo
INDUSTRY : Healthcare


As a global leader in blood component and cellular technologies, Colorado-based Terumo BCT develops cutting-edge medical solutions that improve patient outcomes. Technology, automation and collaboration are critical to executing a process that puts patient safety first. To maintain the highest level of blood safety while keeping costs down, the company requires enterprise-level technologies that can be implemented and integrated at every step of the supply chain, from collection and processing to pathogen reduction and storage.


With devices across several mobile platforms, the company needed to integrate data securely between all systems of record while maintaining a coordinated mobile development plan affecting stakeholders across the enterprise. The existing development process was inefficient, with teams forced to sometimes reinvent the wheel with new initiatives. It wanted to accelerate its mobile development process, and it needed a cohesive strategy and a data security integration solution to do so.


PK helped chart a path toward a comprehensive mobile development strategy for its enterprise initiatives.  PK started by documenting mobile-centric business objectives and requirements from stakeholders in business, IT and app development and developed a clear roadmap that included all aspects of the enterprise mobile environment—from device management to development, API architecture and data security integration.

PK’s recommendations included guidance around efficient mobile development processes that can be easily iterated upon and reused as well as enterprise device management and API implementation. This allowed the company to save on development costs and create efficiencies in the development process. Training sessions for stakeholders also helped ensure that the company will be able to maintain a mobile strategy that supports end-users.

Find out which of your APIs are at risk and what steps you can take to protect your company’s data.

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