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Born digital, episode three: Inclusive CX

AN ORIGINAL SERIES FROM PK HOSTED BY KATIE MARTELL, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ADOBE To truly be inclusive, businesses must examine the customer experiences (CX) they’re creating. Inclusive CX doesn’t... Read more

Loyalty leaders, episode one: State of retail

The world’s #1 CRM and loyalty services firm Salesforce and PK are joining forces for an exclusive video series on leading with loyalty. In episode one, we dive into... Read more

Born digital, episode two: Patient loyalty in healthcare

AN ORIGINAL SERIES FROM PK HOSTED BY KATIE MARTELL, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ADOBE Healthcare organizations face stark new realities. Retailers, tech titans, and digital insurgents are looking to remake... Read more

Born digital, episode one: Brand loyalty for the people

A series hosted by Katie Martell on brand loyalty strategies, in partnership with Adobe. Brand loyalty is hurting. Due to the pandemic, shifts in how people buy and who... Read more

Innovation Interviews: Why performance based incentive plans should change

Workplace incentives are the final frontier. My colleague Marko Muellner and I recently had the opportunity to interview Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX, Sense & Respond, and most recently, Forever Employable. In... Read more

Innovation Interviews: The importance of hiring the right employee for each role

How do leaders define each role within their teams, and what impact does this have on the organization as a whole? My colleague Marko Muellner and I recently had... Read more

Innovation Interviews: When will Google’s work actually be complete?

My colleague Marko Muellner, Head of CX Acceleration at PK, and I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX, Sense & Respond, and most... Read more

Innovation Interviews: On building a culture of humility

The term “humility” is often misunderstood to be a lack of leadership. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s an essential quilty for building resilience—both in organizations... Read more

How retailers can adapt: PK and Salesforce at NRF 2021

PK recently had the opportunity to participate in a virtual panel hosted by Natasha Janic, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, at the NRF Big Show conference. In the panel,... Read more

Innovation interviews: On low-code/no-code

One way to achieve true innovation within the enterprise: empowering citizen developers to easily develop applications without relying on the traditional development model. This ability is not only possible... Read more