MarTech Interview with Clay Walton-House
POSTED : June 10, 2021
BY : Julie Donovan

In order to build better customer experiences, marketers and brand managers have to grasp a better understanding of their customers’ behaviors while constantly finding innovative ways in which to give them a customer journey worth coming back to. Clay Walton-House, Managing Director of Integrated Customer Loyalty Solutions at PK, shares some thoughts.

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About the interviewee

Clay Walton-HouseClay Walton-House serves as Managing Director of Integrated Loyalty Solutions at PK. He helps Fortune 500 companies create and implement new customer engagement strategies that accelerate growth and build loyalty. His expertise lies in understanding consumer behavior and translating it into actionable customer insights. Clay has a proven track record of successful program design and optimization, helping uncover ways to build retention and loyalty strategies into a company’s broader business model.