POSTED : February 13, 2018

PK is currently seeking an AWS Developer to join our team in Portland, OR!


  • Work with others on the team to manage the day-to-day development activities, participate in designs, design review, code review, and implementation.
  • Provide direction to others in analyzing and solving program and system issues and problems.
  • Provide technical direction and solutions to other team members.
  • Thorough knowledge of all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Participate in Requirements Analysis and creation of design (HLD, LLD). Develop prototype to certify the design and approach
  • Write reusable, testable, and efficient code and unit testing
  • Create documentation on program development and subsequent revisions, provide necessary comments within the code to make it understandable
  • Conduct System Integration, Support Integration and Performance Testing
  • Integration of data storage solutions in spark – especially with AWS S3 object storage
  • Provide production support: on call and managing defect/minor enhancement fixes and testing
  • Actively participate in scrums and code reviews
  • Need to ensure overall build delivery quality is good and on time delivery is done at all times
  • Interact with other team members in a positive and supportive manner
  • Excellent writing, documentation, and oral communication skills.


  • Experience with AWS (EMR, Code Commit, EC2, IAM, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), RDS, ELB (Elastic load balancing), S3)
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Airflow, Python/PySpark, Java/Java Web Services, Spring, REST Web Services, Node.js, React.js
  • Demonstrated proficiency with database technologies such as SQL PL/SQL or MySQL.
  • Strong experience in relational database management systems such as SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle.
  • Experience and understanding of software source control systems, preferably Git or TFS.
  • Hands on experience in developing ETL data pipelines using PySpark on AWS EMR
  • Experience with RESTful APIs / JSON
  • Hands on experience of XML processing using python
  • Good understanding of Spark’s RDD API
  • Good understanding of Spark’s Dataframe and API
  • Experience and good understanding of Apache Spark Data sources API
  • Experience of dealing with AWS S3 object storage from Spark
  • Experience with FacetsTM preferred

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