PK debuts FHIR integration solution at 2019 HIMSS Conference
POSTED : February 11, 2019
BY : Julie Donovan

PK, a global IT solutions, and digital transformation company, will debut a state-of-the-art integration solution and service offering in collaboration with Red Hat at the 2019 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference (HIMSS) from Feb. 11 to Feb. 15, 2019.

The growing effects of fragmented care – including increased patient ER visits, higher premiums and greater customer dissatisfaction – have created a need for greater interoperability in healthcare services. By combining Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) with legacy integrations, PK’s platform provides a pathway to success for healthcare organizations.

At HIMSS, PK will demo an app and solution which showcases the platform from the patient perspective, including its ability to proactively drive more effective care decisions for patients and providers. The solution includes Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Fuse and Red Hat 3scale API Management. Through this offering, PK is using open innovation powered by Red Hat to take FHIR from a future concept to a current reality for healthcare organizations.

“The emerging FHIR standard presents a sea-change in healthcare interoperability and data efficacy,” said Vijay Ijju, CTO at PK. “This new platform means that patients and providers will have a holistic view of care – resulting in better outcomes all around.”

To view a demo of the app or learn more about PK and Red Hat’s FHIR platform, visit booth 6391.

About PK

PK is a customer experience-led digital solutions company focused on helping businesses re-engineer themselves through powerful digital platforms, customer engagement, and emerging technologies. It fuels its clients’ growth and efficiency through accelerating business activities, enhancing experiences and creating competitive advantages. PK operates in 18 offices across the United States, India and Argentina and has been ranked as the fastest-growing IT services company in America by Inc. 500.  For more information, visit

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