Workshop May 5: Getting started with spatial analytics in Alteryx
POSTED : April 4, 2020
BY : Linda Corisdeo

Join this Workshop to enrich your analysis with a spatial component by learning the basics of working with spatial objects. 
Curriculum will include: 
– Viewing Spatial Objects: Input and view spatial objects in Designer. 
– Understanding Spatial Objects: Understand the structure and geometric attributes of spatial objects 
– Creating Spatial Objects: Create spatial objects to use for spatial analytics. 
– Constructing Trade Areas: Construct a trade area to better analyze the area surrounding a point of interest. 
– Splitting Spatial Objects: Break a polyline or polygon spatial object into its smaller components. 
– Calculating Distance: Compute the linear distance between two spatial objects. 
– Relating Spatial Objects: Apply spatial processes to understand the relationships between spatial objects. 
– Identifying Nearest Objects: Identify the nearest spatial object to another while enforcing selection criteria. 
– Spatially Joining Data: Match data based on spatial relationships. 

REGISTER to join us at 9:00AM (PST) on May 5 for this webinar.

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